In response to the needs of the canning industry to accredit its technicians as qualified heat treatment and food packaging supervisors (Better Process Control School, BPCS), GOCA Consulting has been trained and accredited to deliver BPCS courses for the canning industry.

In the last three years Spain, with Galicia at the forefront, has been increasing exports of canned fish to the international market. According to ICEX, the interest of spanish canning companies in exporting, especially to the USA market, is constantly growing. Spain is one of the world’s leading canneries, with the United States being one of the main destination countries.

Given the increase in FDA inspections of spanish canning industries. The approval of the BPCS course is necessary for companies that export low acid or acidified canned foods to the US market.

This type of training is aimed at the personnel who manage, supervise or are in charge of the heat treatment operations (sterilization/pasteurization) of the packaging and/or closing of containers, personnel related to the aseptic processes or to the manufacturing of containers and inputs of the canning industry and consultants related to the sector.